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✅ Primary Care Physician Licensed in Oklahoma & Arkansas

✅ Unlimited Virtual Access to a Board Certified Internist

✅ Perfect for Self-Employed, Uninsured, & Underinsured Individuals

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Telemedicine services from a Board-Certified Physician

Business Professionals

Are you self-employed? Are you underinsured, uninsured and or have a high deductible plan? Are you in between jobs? Do you need a primary care doctor? Do you need more access to your primary care physician?

Similar to a gym membership, our services provide transparent costs and save you money, because of the unlimited visits available.

Do you have a team of employees and you want to provide them virtual care? Improve employee satisfaction and retention. 

Enrollment fee is $100, and monthly membership fee is $75 for incredible access via virtual visits, email, and phone visits for primary care services. 

If you are a Small Business owner with employees, and you would like to offer them some virtual care options, contact us at 501-301-4607.

✓ Quality Healthcare from Home

✓ Perfect for Colds, Flu, Coronavirus, Pink Eye, and more…

✓ Easy sign-up. Just call us at the link above or fill out the form below.

✓ For $75 a month, you can become a member of Bear Fruit Direct Primary Care and gain unlimited visits with your physician through video visits, phone calls, and email.

Dr. Lillian West offering Telemedicine Services

About Dr. Lillian West

Telemedicine Virtual Care


Dr. Lillian West is a board-certified internist licensed in the state of Arkansas and Oklahoma. She is now providing virtual care visits to patients who want to establish care in Oklahoma.

What is an Internal Medicine Physician? An Internist focuses on the care of adults, and is trained extensively to provide comprehensive care for chronic medical conditions. They are well equipped in diagnosing and treating complex illness, as well as counseling on preventative health care and treatment of urgent issues such as colds and flu.

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✓ Save on gas and travel expense

✓ Get referrals if appropriate

✓ Easy sign-up. Just call us at the link above or fill out the form below.

✓ Join our clinic as a new patient and have unlimited access to your own physician via phone, video, or in person.

✓ Enrollment for a limited time is 100$, and monthly membership fee is 75$ for incredible access via virtual visits, email, and phone for primary care services.

No insurance needed or accepted. If you are not sure if a virtual visit is appropriate for your health concern, contact us.

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