Dr. Caryn Pendleton-Family Medicine Physician - Bear Fruit Direct Primary Care

Dr. Caryn Pendleton


Dr. Pendleton Family Practice and Family PhysicianDr. Caryn Pendleton has been a native to Arkansas for the past 14 years. She was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and Minneapolis, MN. She grew to love medicine by experiencing limited access to medical care as a child. She was raised by her loving, hard-working mother in a single-parent household. She is the youngest of two sisters and two brothers. Dr. Pendleton strives to provide access and bring quality healthcare to her communities.

Before moving to Arkansas, she attended Trinity University in Washington, D.C. where she obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Human Relations, focusing on psychology and sociology. There at Trinity University, she was given the distinguished honor of obtaining a lifetime membership from Psi Chi, The National Honors Society in Psychology. She is also board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.

Her medical roots began here in Arkansas in 2006. She attended the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock and obtained her medical degree there. She completed her training in Family Medicine at an Area Health Education Center (AHEC) in Jonesboro, AR. Dr. Pendleton trained in a traditional Family Medicine Residency, allowing her to focus on patients in the office as well as patients in the hospital, emergency room, and urgent care setting. Following residency, she practiced at Saline Memorial Family Medicine clinic but soon recognized the limitations and constraints that come with a traditional primary care practice. She believes in non-rushed visits as this provides optimal time with her patients to get to the root of the problem. After working in the urgent care setting, her desire to practice primary care grew stronger as she saw the need for physician access and quality care. She returned to this philosophy and started Bear Fruit in 2019 with Dr. West.

Dr. Pendleton has a passion for preventative care and obesity medicine. Because of her personal experience with obesity, she understands that this is a chronic disease that requires special management. Her practice philosophy involves helping her patients to have maximal health so that they can have abundant lives. She believes this begins with focusing on mental and spiritual health as well as making small lifestyle changes. She is soon to receive her board certification by the American Board of Obesity Medicine and currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Theology. Her purpose is to serve her patients by giving them the tools to obtain everything that God desires for them.

In her spare time, she enjoys writing, singing, and any physical activity that promotes health and involves music. She mostly enjoys spending time with her family, her husband Michael, daughter Vanessa, and the family dog, Rocky Rockstar. Dr. Pendleton is soon to release her first book, Entries of the Bound, Diaries of the Free summer of 2020.