A note to the Bear Fruit DPC Family…

In less than 72 hours, so much has changed in the world due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  Here at Bear Fruit Direct Primary Care, our top priority is your health and safety. We want to help ease your anxiety, answer your questions, and keep you informed.


Why the madness?  The Coronavirus is more than an epidemic.  It is considered a pandemic.  

Why and what’s the difference? An epidemic is a rise in the number of cases of a disease beyond what is normally expected in a geographical area, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  For example, some areas may have a sudden spike in flu cases when the flu is prevalent. However, that increase in cases doesn’t spread among all countries and continents.  Epidemics happen frequently, but many people aren’t familiar with them unless they’re directly affecting their home region.  To stop an epidemic, the number of cases needs to go down, which involves somehow stopping how it’s transmitted. A pandemic, on the other hand, describes a disease that has spread across many countries and affects a large number of people. Neither the CDC nor the WHO specify how many countries or how many people need to be affected in order for something to be declared a pandemic.  With a pandemic, the assumption is that everyone can potentially be exposed.  

Before a disease can reach a pandemic, it has to reach these levels:

  • Sporadic – describes when a disease is happening infrequently and irregularly. 
  • Endemic – describes something that’s a constant presence in a geographic area.
  • Epidemic – a sudden increase in the number of cases, more than what’s expected for an area.
  •  And Finally pandemic – such as COVID-19, which as stated above, has spread across many countries and affects a large number of people.  EVERYONE can potentially be exposed.  


What is Bear Fruit DPC doing?  

  • Personal CareBear Fruit is increasing its cleanliness and sanitization practices in order to stay healthy and provide guidance and assistance to the Bear Fruit Family.  We are also staying abreast of the CDC recommendations and any new information that is needed to remain compliant and prevent the spread of illness.


  • Prevention – as always, Bear Fruit is seeing patients by appointment only, yet as a regular benefit to our members, those visits are via telephone and video visits, to prevent any unnecessary exposure to the environment.  Included in the visits, rather the COVID-19 Virus is suspected or not, we are providing screenings and giving patients information on how to prevent contracting or spreading the virus. 


  • Support – As previously mentioned, we are making sure we are aware of the most recent information needed to provide care and guidance and keep you in the loop.  This prevents anxiety and promotes the ability to remain proactive.  


  • Commitment – At the heart of Bear Fruit’s existence is the desire that our members are at their optimum level of health, so that they may bear fruit, or be able to remain active and productive in their communities, as well as within their families.  We are doing all that’s in our power to make that your reality because we sincerely care for you.  


For more information on becoming a member of Bear Fruit Direct Primary Care and how to remain healthy during the COVID-19 Pandemic, please call (501)301-4607 or visit our website at bearfruitdpc.com.  

Best regards,

Bear Fruit DPC Staff